Welcome to the
Kalamazoo Area Music Teachers Association

"Teaching music is not my main purpose.
I want to make good citizens.
If children hear fine music
from the day of their birth and learn to play it,
they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance.
They get a beautiful heart."

Shinichi Suzuki

    The teachers of KAMTA, draw upon the inspiration of Suzuki and other great  
    teachers, composers and artists as we endeavor:
       ~ to promote and support the artistic development of music teachers
          in the greater Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan areas.
       ~ to support parents and students alike in the pursuit of musical
          appreciation and development.

If you are a student/parent seeking a KAMTA member teacher,
     please refer to the "contact us" page.
If you are a music teacher who hasn't joined KAMTA, we invite
     you to explore these pages and also come to a meeting to check us out! See
     the "Upcoming Events" page for meeting locations and program descriptions.
     Additionally, anyone who wishes to attend KAMTA meetings may do so at no
     cost for one program year.  For more information, please contact the KAMTA
     President (refer to the "contact us" page)
                                We look forward to meeting you!         



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